Small Business Decisions

Business Decisions based on data business decisions based on data will not always produce the desired results. Historical information will reveal the past success or failure of an enterprise. However, financial data will not disclose other events such as a changing business environment, new competition, changes in government regulations, management skills and natural disasters which can greatly affect the bottom line of a business.

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Taxpayers Get Warning from Tax Office

Why have over 76,000 Canadians received warnings tax-free-savings-accounts from The Canada Revenue Agency about breaking the rules for a popular tax savings shelter? Is this another example of the Government not clearly explaining the rules and conditions about registering savings accounts under the Tax-Free-Savings –Accounts for tax purposes?

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CRA provides Support for Small Business Owners

Canada Revenue Agency has introduced a number of initiatives to help support small business owners. CRA has provided clear information online about tax matters as well as information on how to start a business. Business owners can find out about their responsibilities towards their employees plus get tax questions related to their business answered by Revenue Canada officials

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How to Complete A Corporation Tax Return

Watch the video on right to get an overview on how to complete a Canadian Tax Return.